Town of Hanna - South Fourth Street Area Water Main Improvements

Engineering Associates was involved in this $1.125 million project from start to finish.  Our staff was instrumental in assisting the Town secure both a Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Loan and a Mineral Royalty Grant from the State Loan and Investment Board to completely fund this much-needed project.
Completed in 2016, the job included new water mains intended to loop existing dead ends.  The rapid development of this area of Town in the 1970s and early 1980s left multiple dead end mains in this area for reasons unknown to us today.  Looping these dead-end mains improved water quality, provided improved fire flows to these subdivisions, and redundancy for supply when portions of the existing system need to be shut down for repair.  This project also ensured that an abandoned trailer park is completely disconnected from the current distribution system. 


Over 4800 linear feet of 6-inch and 8-inch PVC water main was installed including fittings, valves, fire hydrants, service line connections up to the property line and installation of meter pits and equipment.  Restoration, asphalt pavement, concrete curb and gutter and ground dewatering were also completed.  



Town of Sinclair - Lincoln Avenue Water and Sewer Replacement

EA performed surveying, design and preparation of construction drawings for this $1.8 million project completed in 2016.  In addition, our staff coordinated bidding and negotiations, contract management, construction review and project closeout. 

Scope included replacement of cast iron water mains that were installed in the 1920’s.  These mains had leaks and valve failures requiring numerous repairs in the last several years.  Also included was replacement of existing sanitary vitrified clay (VCP) sewer mains that required multiple cleanings per year to maintain flow.  Multiple yearly cleaning with a sewer jet damaged the pipe as evidenced by multiple chunks of VCP coming out with the roots, sediment and other deleterious material.