City of Rawlins Harshman Street

Our engineers were tasked with design and preparation of construction plans and specifications to extend Harshman Street north from the Rawlins Recreation Center to the intersection of Aberdeen Boulevard, then east to the 287 Bypass. The project included:

  • Coordination with the Carbon County Higher Education Center Architects and Engineers for intersection tie
  • Extension of water and sewer mains in accordance with the City of Rawlins Master Plan
  • Relocation and extension of a walking path along the proposed alignment
  • Project to be completed in conformance with funding requirements

Harshman Street was extended northerly approximately 1,800 linear feet to connect to the Highway 287 Bypass Route (North Higley Boulevard).  It included grading, drainage, hot plant mix surfacing, crushed base, curb and gutter, asphalt pathway, new water main, new sewer main, fencing and restoration.