EA has certified staff to cover a variety of testing and inspection needs.  With Certified Nuclear Density Meter Operators, Wyoming DEQ Water & Wastewater Operators, ACI Concrete Field Testing Technicians as well as WYDOT trained testing technicians, we have the experience and resources needed to complete most construction and private testing needs.

Materials and Testing Services:

  • Concrete (ACI Certified) - Field Testing - Slump & Air Content, Compressive Strength Testing

  • Concrete Mix Design Review & Development, Concrete Cores, Unit Weight

  • Water - Total Coliform Bacteria & E. Coli

  • Paint Testing - Wet & Dry Film Thickness, Holiday Detector

  • Water Flow & Flow Testing - Pressure Recording, Turbidity, Stream Flow Measurement, Flow Testing

  • Percolation Testing
  • Soil & Gravel - Field Density Compaction Testing, Sieve Analysis, Moisture and Density Testing, Gradations

  • Atterberg Limits - Particle Size Analysis, California Bearing Ratio Test (CBR)

  • Asphalt - Field Density Compaction Testing, Gradiations, Bulk Specific Gravity Determination

  • Density & Void Analysis, Pavement Mix Design Review, Asphalt Cores