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EA has certified staff to cover a variety of testing and inspection needs.  With Certified Nuclear Density Meter Operators, Wyoming DEQ Water & Wastewater Operators, ACI Concrete Field Testing Technicians as well as WYDOT trained testing technicians, we have the experience and resources needed to complete most construction and private testing needs.

  • Percolation Testing

  • Soil & Gravel - Field Density Compaction Testing, Sieve Analysis, Moisture and Density Testing, Gradations

  • Atterberg Limits - Particle Size Analysis, California Bearing Ratio Test (CBR)

  • Asphalt - Field Density Compaction Testing, Gradations, Bulk Specific Gravity Determination

  • Density & Void Analysis, Pavement Mix Design Review, Asphalt Cores

  • Concrete (ACI Certified) - Field Testing - Slump & Air Content, Compressive Strength Testing

  • Concrete Mix Design Review & Development, Concrete Cores, Unit Weight

  • Water - Total Coliform Bacteria & E. Coli

  • Paint Testing - Wet & Dry Film Thickness, Holiday Detector

  • Water Flow & Flow Testing - Pressure Recording, Turbidity, Stream Flow Measurement, Flow Testing

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