Moss ranch - usda/nrcs conservation easement parcels

The E.O. Bischoff Ranch desired to have the Moss Ranch portion of their property converted into a Conservation Easement through the Natural Resources Conservation Service Grassland Reserve Program.  The property consists of 5,200 acres located at the foot of the Bighorn Mountains between the Montana-Wyoming state line and Devil Canyon in Big Horn County.  The property spanned five separate parcels over four Townships, with three impassible canyons. The easement will protect the land from future development, while retaining its use for rangeland grazing.

The project had many logistical challenges, including limited accessibility and no existing corner records.  Access was primarily from the Bighorn National Forest near Burgess Junction.  After snowfall in October, access was necessary through Devil Canyon, which was a more treacherous and time consuming route.  Over 350 steel posts and signs were placed at 500 foot intervals around the 31 miles of perimeter boundary to establish the conservation easement.  The majority of project work was completed on ATVs or on foot.