Effective planning and study services pay for themselves and save clients money and time.  The conventional approach often results in high initial capital cost, as well as long-term operational and maintenance expenses.  At EA, we pride ourselves in thinking "out of the box" and giving our clients cost-effective and efficient solutions.

Planning and Studies Services:

  • Irrigation System Studies & Modeling

  • Solid Waste Management Plans

  • Environmental Review Reports

  • Hydrologic and Geohydrologic Studies

  • FEMA Flood Proofing Certificates/LOMA

  • Bridge Assessments

  • Bridge Structure Selection Reports

  • Chapter 23 Studies for Subdivision Development

  • Street & Pathway Master Plans

  • Traffic Studies & Transportation Plans

  • Storm Drainage Master Plans & Modeling

  • Business Park Feasibility Studies

  • Drainage Reports

  • Treated & Raw Water System Master Plans, Studies & Hydraulic Modeling

  • Sewer Master Plans, including Collection System & Pump Station Modeling

  • Wastewater Treatment Facilities Plans