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Rob Overfield is RETIRING (from full-time work)! We just cannot say enough about everything Rob has done for Engineering Associates, the Big Horn Basin, and the State of Wyoming over the past 40 years.

In 1981 he decided the Colorado Front Range was becoming too crowded, so he uprooted his young family and struck out for God’s Country. Rob bought a small acreage north of Cody with his wife Dossie, where they raised horses, hay, and two boys.

In the last four decades, he has applied his engineering knowledge and expertise to countless projects throughout the Rocky Mountain West, in both the public and private sectors.

As his career has advanced, Rob’s work interests and duties have naturally shifted into leading his firm and mentoring younger professionals. He plans to continue these efforts a few hours each week, in between ski trips and trail rides.

If you see Rob around, congratulate him on his milestone, and thank him for all his hard work. Chances are good that you’ve driven on one of his roads, walked on one of his sidewalks, or used water from one of his pipelines.

Congratulations, Rob, on a successful career!

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